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Another reference point for Ganzer was Britney Spears's iconic denim look, and accompanying dusty azure eye, for the 2001 American Music Awards. She wore a custom Chanel black satin jacket and matching shorts, paired with a white chiffon blouse-left unbuttoned in Stewart's signature, disheveled-cool way-and simple black pumps. At last, I was able to comprehend the weight of my denial about my condition and my attachment to wearing a wig. One way Touitou was evolving A.P.C., even pre-pandemic, was by instituting a global return and repair policy for its jeans.

I hope this story shows young girls everywhere that they can achieve their dreams too, no matter how big. We also know that sustainability solutions are intersectional solutions, that environmental justice is totally interlinked with social justice. Surprising no one, Leto continued his ongoing love affair with Gucci last night he rarely hits a red carpet without being dressed by Alessandro Michele, who views Leto as a muse. At tonight's high-stakes Oscars, Chalamet continued this streak. Informed by decades of Hollywood glamour, the event is an opportunity for actors to become movie stars, presenting themselves in high drama custom looks that highlight the best aspects of their public personas.

The design, which featured a bold pattern in shades of tangerine and lavender and a sultry stomach cutout held together with a drawstring, was precisely the kind of bright, bubbly fashion we've come to expect from Lizzo. It was the start of my falling in love with clothes that can be worn, Kallmeyer says. This image, styled by Tonne Goodman, is the perfect long and clean silhouette and the picture of ease and sophistication! Plus, this blueprint or dressing formula can easily be adjusted season to season-a chunkier knit here, a closed toe flat shoe or boot in place of a sandal there, a jacket added, and a sleeve taken away when a tank is better suited for the weather.

This ever-so-slightly risque approach has come to define Bullock's red-carpet comeback-the 57-year-old star is clearly game to experiment with looks a less daring A-lister might dismiss as too daunting. Air Force 1 Swennen explains that Viard and Stewart's meeting of minds makes the partnership more than just a typical designer and model scenario. There are 19 new words paired with the garments and 70 new pieces, says Bolton, and what we're hoping to encourage is for people to engage with the objects so that the dictionary goes beyond the four walls of the museum.